About us

Hi my name is Cilla. I have always been interested in sports and keeping fit ever since I was at school. I continued this interest after I left school and have spent many years running with local running clubs, competing in numerous 10K and 10 mile road races, cross country competitions, county championships and a few half marathons. I’ve been a member of a gym and have tried nearly every exercise class going to find something that I enjoyed doing as much as running. One day a leaflet landed on my doormat advertising a Zumba® class. I went along, somewhat anxious, and completed my first Zumba® class. I was hooked immediately. It was like no other exercise class I had been to, and as I said I have tried nearly everything. Within 6 months I decided I wanted to train as a Zumba® instructor.

Zumba® is such a fun class that you won’t even realise you are working out.

Don’t put it off, come along and try a Zumba® class today.



Hi , I’m Glenda. Mother of two, primary school teacher, occasional milliner and Zumba® Instructor!

Like so many others, I have spent the majority of my adult life searching for that exercise programme that will maintain the fitness levels I enjoyed when I was younger. Many years of dancing has left me with a passion to move to music. I have tried everything from the gym, pilates and kick boxing to Capoeira in a bid to whittle down the waistline and ditch those extra pounds that creep up on us when we’re not looking! So, you can imagine my reaction after my first ever Zumba class. Here was a form of exercise that combined everything I love –fantastic up-tempo music, fab moves and FUN! I immediately set out to become qualified as an instructor and am having a ball.

Come on ladies ( and you gents are very welcome too), give it a go. I guarantee you’ll love it.